Michelle Wilcox


Who do I work with?
Children 10+ and Adults

How do I work?
Face-to-Face, Online and Phone

Where am I based?
Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin

Michelle Wilcox

About me

I am often told I have a youthful appearance, nevertheless, I have much in the way of life experience and personal struggles. Therefore, I can empathise with many of the difficulties of daily life and its strong demands; I have up close and personal experience of supporting children and adults who face challenges with their mental health, providing end of life care, severe physical disabilities as well as neurodiversity. As such, I am passionate about supporting others.

I am a type 1 diabetic, who wears an insulin pump (its a big part of who I am for a little gadget). I initially trained as a primary school teacher which I loved for over a decade, and then changed my mind when I saw the value and transformation counselling made to my own life. With that in mind, I am a big believer in none of us being perfect, and we all need support at different times in our lives. If you are reading this, it may be that you have decided you need some support right now, and that takes courage. It is important to me that you feel able to trust in the process counselling can offer, and that begins with choosing the right support, at the right time and with the right person. I may not be neurodivergent myself, but I have lived experience of supporting my teenage children, both of whom are neurodivergent (ADHD and Autism) and feel I can offer a safe space to explore your neurodiversity, having witnessed the struggles experienced living in a world that just isn’t designed for you.

As a Counsellor, I have worked for several organizations over as many years, offering my services to survivors of domestic violence, with people experiencing addictions, grief and loss, and those whom may feel they are in crisis. Within these roles I have supported children, young people and adults with bereavement, addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD and those who have experienced trauma.

It is important to me that you feel heard, understood and accepted, because in my experience, feeling these things leads to deep and lasting change, especially if the pace is set by you. Change that can be led by focusing on your strengths, and identifying areas you would like to develop or improving your current awareness in. This shows the importance of taking a holistic approach, viewing all of aspects of yourself and this includes the areas that are of most importance to you, be this friends, family, work, or something else, with self-compassion and empathy. 

Ways of Working

I am a Person-Centred Counsellor who sometimes uses CBT tools in my private practice, based in Newport. I also work in and around the Telford and Shropshire area. Person-Centred means just that, my approach is centred around you and your needs, because for me, counselling is about you being the expert on you, and what you need, and we would work together to help you find a more comfortable place to be. I see my role as walking alongside you, at your pace, our relationship being built on honesty and authenticity, in a confidential manner, where we will develop a safe and non-judgemental environment. One in which we can openly discuss what is of most importance to you. You may want to focus on things from your past and how they’re impacting your present, just current concerns or a bit of both. Alternatively you may come to me for coping strategies, remember you are the expert and session’s will be lead by you and what you need.

Over the years I have supported many clients who are neurodiveergent but my area of expertise is in trauma work, the impact this can have on people’s present, their relationships and also the impact this can have specifically for some one who is neurodiverse, such as ability to recognise and regulate emotions, the impact on interoceptive difficulties, executive functions and exteroception but to name a few. It can be difficult to navigate the world at the best of times but adding trauma to that can add another layer of challenges, and I can help you navigate this. I have supported clients to establish healthy coping strategies, improve their awareness of self and their emotions, in order to feel more present, through using pyschoeducation (involves learning about and understanding mental health and wellbeing).

The Types of Issues I Support Neurodivergent Clients With

  • Trauma
  • Bereavement
  • Grief and loss
  • Addictions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Domestic abuse
  • PTSD
  • Self harm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Panic attacks
  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Exam stress
  • Student support
  • I also support neurodivergent clients who have not experienced trauma, and who just want to develop, grow and flourish in all areas of the life, understand their sense of identity and want support with this.


Level 6 BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies and Education Studies 

Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Level 4 Certificate in Counselling: Cognitive-Behavioural Theory

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity

Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Skills

Level 2 Awareness in Bereavement Care

Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Behaviour that Challenges

Additional CPD Specific to Neurodiversity

  • Best Practice when Supporting Autistic Clients – Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • ADHD in The Therapy Room – Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • Women on the Autism Spectrum  – Joint Training
  • A Day on Neurodiversity – The Weekend University
  • Autism in Young People, Trauma and Life Transitioning – Joint Training
  • Autism/ ADHD Burnout – Autism/ ADHD
  • Supporting Adults with Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Difficulties – Joint Training
  • Understanding the Sensory World – Paul Isaac
  • Executive Functioning – Connections in Mind 

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