Beth Thomas


Who do I work with?
Adults, Couples and Young People

How do I work?
Online and offers Walking Coaching

Where am I based?
West Sussex

Beth Thomas

About me

As a combined ADHDer myself, I understand what it can feel like if it seems your condition is controlling your life.

Neurodivergency runs in my family, so I’ve spent a lifetime experiencing this from all angles.

The endless yet unfinished to do lists… the challenges of managing emotions… the doom piles of disorganisation… and let’s not forget the chronic feeling of being misunderstood by ourselves and others… I get it.

Once upon a time, I felt so ashamed of the fact I could never seem to hit my childhood potential and forever frustrated that I could never understand why.

Realising I had ADHD completely re-contextualised my life. At last, an answer for why I never felt ‘quite enough’ or ‘too much’, why I had all the potential and none of the skills as an adult to reach it.

Following this clarity, I became frustrated with the lack of provisions available to people with neurodivergent brains to help them successfully manage their challenges in a sustainable manner.

So, I did something about it. I became a fully certified ADHD Life Coach. Now I get to do something that fills me with love and joy every single day, holding brave spaces for others to embark on their own journey to self-awareness, fulfilment and empowerment.

I combine nearly 3 decades of lived experience with ADHD, anxiety, depression & addiction together with nearly 5 years of supporting clients through a private diagnostic process in my previous role as Practice Manager in a psychiatry practice before transitioning into a fully independent Certified ADHD Life Coach role.

I host and co-host two different support groups for neurodiverse communities.

I work with any client looking for a compassionate practitioner who understands the challenges that can arise from having a neurodiverse brain in a neurotypical world.

Coaching offers you a brave, structured, space without bias or judgement to validate your experiences, reframe perspectives and help you to build the confidence to advocate for yourself.

My approach to coaching puts you at the centre of everything; your unique challenges require unique solutions! You will have a platform to learn about yourself, explore strategies that work for you and reframe confusion & chaos into clarity & confidence.

Ways of Working

I deliver coaching in comprehensive package options to ensure the best value for money. Private coaching sessions are delivered online by video consultation and supported with additional services such as body doubling sessions, extra accountability check-in’s, Whatsapp messaging and more.

I am also happy to offer walking coach sessions if you are local to the area I’m based in.

I offer a free 30 minutes discovery call so you have an opportunity to clarify if I’m the right coach for you. If you would like to organise this, please get in touch using my contact details.

The Types of Issues I Support Neurodivergent Clients With

  • ADHD
  • Low self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Procrastination
  • Inertia
  • Challenges with executive functioning
  • Perfectionism
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Communication difficulties
  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Workplace/school advocacy
  • Relationships
  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-compassion


I hold an ICF approved Certified ADHD Life Coach qualification.

I am also an accredited PAL member of AYANAY to ensure I hold myself to the highest ethical standards of both ICF & APA.

Further, I hold an undergraduate degree in English & American Literature & Drama/ Theatre Studies which gave me transferrable writing skills to help you develop resources & materials.

I also hold various fitness qualifications which enable me to offer fitness & lifestyle guidance through a neurodiverse lens

Additional CPD Specific to Neurodiversity

  • Best Practice when Supporting Autistic Clients – Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • ADHD in The Therapy Room – Aspire Autism Consultancy

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