Aspire Autism Consultancy offers the following services: -

Pre-Diagnostic Assessments

If you are considering whether you are on the autism spectrum or you may have ADHD, we can provide a detailed pre-diagnostic assessment for neurodiversity.  The outcome of the screening will enable you to decide whether you wish to pursue a formal diagnosis or simply ‘identify’ as autistic or as having ADHD.


We have a network of private Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists who specialise in autism and ADHD.  If required we can write a referral letter and summary of findings to assist with the formal assessment process. Our pre-diagnostic screening explores possible autism and ADHD traits, and we carry out sensory profiling, as well as an analysing the degree to which a person may have developed masking and compensatory behaviours.


The fee for a full neurodiversity pre-diagnostic screening is £300.  The screening is available for adults of 18 years plus, and involves them completing a series of questionnaires which will be analysed prior to attending a 1.5 hour meeting with either Deborah Wortman or Ruth Williams, who are specialist Psychotherapists within the area of Neurodiversity, and are both qualified in ADOS-2 and ADI-R.  They will take a developmental history and further explore the information contained within the questionnaires.  We appreciate that individuals can feel nervous about their consultation and we are experienced in helping candidates feel relaxed.  We endeavour to make this process as informal as possible and regularly receive feedback to say people have felt 'heard' and 'validated'.  The screening process helps them to understand and make sense of their differences, thus making it a positive experience.


If, after the screening, a formal diagnosis is not required, there is the option of arranging some additional consultations to support those who would like to understand themselves better in relation to their neurodivergent traits.  People may wish to focus on a range of strategies to address some of the challenges which can be encountered in their relationships and in other parts of their daily lives.


We can offer confidential discussions with individuals, parents and partners, who are wondering whether they or their family member, may be on the autistic spectrum or have ADHD.

Consultation fee is £80 per hour.

Bespoke Training for HR Departments and Organisations

We regularly provide autism awareness training to help organisations understand autism or ADHD and the range of challenges employees experience.  We look at the benefits neurodivergent people bring to organisations and help to identify how employers can make reasonable adjustments to reduce employee stress and increase their job satisfaction,  which can ultimately contribute to enhanced employee productivity and a happier workforce.


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