Couples Counselling

Ruth and Deborah have considerable experience of working with couples where one partner, or sometimes both, may have a diagnosis or ‘identify’ as neuro-diverse.

Living in a relationship where autism is present can be difficult for both partners and many couples can often feel desperate and want to end the relationship.

Some of the key ingredients required to maintain a loving relationship are emotional empathy and effective communication.  Common issues which bring couples to therapy include;-

  • Challenges with communication
  • Difficulty socialising with friends and family
  • Problems around intimacy and emotional connection
  • Lack of agreement on parenting styles
  • Inability to effectively juggle all the demands of work, relationships financial responsibility and family life.

We help couples to develop and understanding of each other’s needs and facilitate improved communication.  Working with a therapist who has professional and personal experience of relationships with autistic people, as Ruth and Deborah have, enables couples to feel more secure in knowing that they can develop their relationship in a way that is fruitful for both of them.

Our evidence-based practice demonstrates that if both partners have the determination to work on their difficulties, with the help of a skilled counsellor they can improve their chances of achieving greater relational depth and future happiness.

Couples often put off seeking therapy until there relationship is in crisis.  We would strongly encourage anyone who is beginning to struggle within their relationship, to arrange an initial appointment and seek help before their problems become more entrenched.  We support relationship at all stages and welcome same sex couples.