Couples Counselling

Living in a relationship where autism/ADHD is present can be difficult for both partners and many couples can end up feeling desperate and may consider ending their relationship.

  • Common issues which bring couples to therapy include;-
  • Challenges with communication
  • Difficulty socialising with friends and family
  • Problems around intimacy and emotional connection
  • Lack of agreement on parenting styles
  • Inability to effectively juggle all the demands of work, relationships, financial responsibilities, and family life.

Working with a couple’s therapist who has developed the skills to specifically work with neurodivergent relationships, can help couples to develop a much better understanding of each other’s needs and facilitate improved communication. This can then lead to the creation of greater relational depth and future happiness.

N.B.  If you are looking for a Couple's Counsellor, please read the 'Who do I work with?' section at the top of the Associate Profiles, which will state if the therapist offers Couple's Counselling.  Please also note that Ruth Williams offers couple counselling and her profile is can be found in the section 'About Ruth & Deborah'.