Supervision for Therapists working with Neurodiversity

When counselling neurodivergent clients, we believe it is imperative that supervision is received from a Clinical Supervisor experienced within this field, who has the requisite knowledge to provide informed supervision, thus avoiding any potential risk of harm to clients. Over the years we have encountered some autistic and ADHD clients who report their difficult experiences with previous therapy, as they have not always felt understood.

This can be due to a therapist or supervisor making incorrect assumptions about why clients present in particular ways and confusion because clients may not be responding well to some of the therapeutic interventions.

If therapists and supervisors are not sufficiently skilled in recognising when neurodiverse traits are present, it is likely that their treatment plans could be unrealistic and difficult to achieve. To maximise the benefits of therapy, we consider that it is essential for practitioners to be able to correctly identify the key issues which are at the root of someone’s difficulties.

Specialist supervision provides supervisees with the confidence to work flexibly and develop effective ways of supporting their clients.

Continuing Professional Development Groups

For the past couple of years Ruth and Deborah have been running successful monthly CPD & Supervision groups for therapists, in which there is an opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills when working with autistic and neurodivergent clients.

We are now able to offer “online” CPD and Group Supervision and are taking expressions of interest for future participation.  If you are interested in joining a CPD/Supervision group, please contact Aspire Autism Consultancy by using our contact form here.