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Our Mission:

We aim to create an effective dialogue between Neurodivergent people, professionals and wider society; building bridges of understanding between individuals whose experiences and perspectives may differ from those around them.

Welcome to Aspire Autism Consultancy, founded by Psychotherapists Ruth Williams and Deborah Wortman.

Our scheduled training events are run via Zoom, which means people from any location can take part.  We have split our online training modules into manageable half-day sessions, and our training has been successfully adapted to suit online delivery. All our courses are written in collaboration with neorodivergent colleagues. In addition we have neurodivergent trainers who co-train with us on various parts of the course.

For further details of the courses we run, please refer to the training section of the website.

We also offer in-house training to organisations who may wish to develop a deeper undersanding of neurodiversity, both within their organisation and also their customer base.

Ruth and Deborah provide a Pre-Diagnostic Neurodiversity Screening which covers Autism, ADHD, Sensory Profiling and an exploration into potential masking and compensatory behaviours. For further information please go to our Consultancy page. This service has become very popular as it enables individuals to develop a better understanding of themselves and be more accepting of who they are.

Therapy appointments are available online and face to face and some therapists offer walking therapy.  Please see the 'Find a Counsellor/Coach' pages for further information.

If you are looking for a specialist supervisor, please refer to our 'Find a Supervisor' section.

For Services offered by Ruth and Deborah, please see our 'About Ruth & Deborah' pages.

Aspire also run Continuing Professional Development groups, for further information please contact us.