Training Courses

Raise Your Awareness

An Insight into the World of Autism - Autism Training for individuals, partners and family members.

This course provides a full understanding of Autism; highlighting the challenges faced as well as identifying strategies to reduce anxiety and maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

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The Reality of Living with ADHD - Training for individuals, partners and family members

This course provides a detailed understanding of the challenges encountered when living with ADHD; highlighting the optimal conditions which can help people to thrive and gain greater control of their lives.  If you think you, or a person you are close to, may have ADHD this training could be invaluable in providing you with a clearer picture of what this condition actually is, along with a range of helpful strategies.

The Reality of living with ADHD

Best Practice when supporting Autistic Clients - Autism Training for Therapists & Healthcare Professionals

This course provides Therapists and Healthcare Professionals with a detailed knowledge of the Autistic Spectrum and enables delegates to develop specialist skills to work effectively with autistic people.

The training combines essential theory, interactive case study work and insights from the trainers’ own clinical practice.

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ADHD in the Therapy Room - ADHD Training for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals

Providing Therapists and Healthcare Professionals with a detailed knowledge of ADHD together with informed support and an understanding of how to refer clients for diagnosis and treatment.

This course is packed with a range of useful resources and the third module incorporates interactive case study work and reflections from the trainers' personal and professional experience.



Working with Neurodivergent Couples in Therapy – “How to Tango to Two Different Beats”

This course provides Counsellors and Psychotherapists with specialist skills and knowledge to support couples and individual clients who are struggling to maintain healthy relationships.

The trainers will include case studies and share their wealth of knowledge from years of working with couples, together with their own ‘lived’ experience of neurodivergent relationships


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