Jane McPhillips

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, CBT Therapist & Coach

Who do I work with?
Adults and Young People 12+

How do I work?
Face-to-Face and Online

Where am I based?

Jane McPhillips

About me

I am an autistic therapist with ADHD supporting neurodivergent clients. I discovered I am neurodivergent late in life and finally everything made sense. I am a parent with 3 neurodivergent children and have learned the hard way that understanding is key to supporting our children to be confident and feel heard.  I now work with other neurodivergent adults and young people, to build their own personal toolkit to navigate life more confidently and authentically.

Ways of Working

I use a variety of methods to support clients find helpful coping strategies, including Solution Focused Therapy, CBT and Hypnotherapy. I find this unique combination very effective in helping clients to bring awareness to current behaviours and habits, allowing for more positive and sustainable change.

1:1 therapy and coaching sessions to work on your current issues to develop a personalised tool kit and healthier coping mechanisms.

1:1 therapy and coaching sessions for young people aged 12+ to manage current issues to develop a personalised tool kit and healthier coping mechanisms, in collaboration with parents.

Coming in 2024 post ADHD diagnosis group course.

The Types of Issues I Support Neurodivergent Clients With

  • Overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks
  • Wanting to explore your neurodiversity after a diagnosis
  • Patterns of restricted eating or binge eating
  • Getting stressed and overwhelmed frequently
  • Finding it difficult to get back into life following burn out
  • Alcohol/Drug use that feels out of control
  • Struggles to meet deadlines and remain focused for work/university/school
  • Difficulties with socialising and friendships
  • Anxiety experienced by trying to conceive
  • Fear of labour during pregnancy
  • Discomfort and anxiety due to IBS
  • Phobias that are now getting in the way of life.


Hypnosis for Fertility Practitioner. Aug 23. Easibirthing

Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma. June 2021. The National Council for Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Diploma. June 2021. Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training

Certificate in Solution Focused Practice. Sept 2019. Solution Focused Trainers

Graduate Certificate with Commendation in Enhanced Assessment and Intervention Skills for CAMH Practice (CBT). Nov 2015. University of Northumbria

Additional CPD Specific to Neurodiversity

  • Autism inertia and burnout. June 23. Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • Neurodiversity, menopause and hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life cycle. Feb 23 Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • ADHD in the Therapy Room. Nov 22. Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • Neurodiversity and Trauma. Nov 22. Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • Neurodiversity and Eating Disorders. Oct 22. Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • Hypnobirthing for Practitioners course May 22. Easibirthing.
  • Best Practice When Supporting Autistic Clients. May 22. Aspire Autism Consultancy
  • Hypnosis and Psychotherapy for Fertility April 22. Easibirthing.

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