Rachael Wright


Who do I work with?
Adults and Children 10+

How do I work?
Face-to-Face, Online and offers Walking Therapy

Where am I based?
Chapel Allerton, North Leeds

Rachael Wright

About me

I have worked in the therapeutic field for over 10 years as a Schools Therapist, Mental Health Practitioner and as a Counsellor in private practice.  Prior to my therapeutic career, I worked in recruitment for the creative industries and as a Targeted Youth Worker – specifically working with a 16+ age range helping them overcome barriers to achievement.  My career has always involved building rapport and trust, and exploring areas of strength as well as difficulty in order to help individuals navigate the complexities of their world, nurture independence and develop self-awareness. 

I hold BACP accreditation with senior accreditation for working with children and young people.

Ways of Working

As an integrative practitioner trained in the relational approach, I draw on a range of therapeutic modalities and ideas to help clients build their self-knowledge and toolkit of coping strategies.  I am interested in how an individuals’ experience intersects within family, cultural and societal influences and consider how individuals wish to think about their identity in terms of gender, sexuality, race, abilities and disabilities. 

I am particularly interested in parts work, and will often use this approach with many clients – helping them to understand, accept and have compassion towards their many different ‘sub-personalities’ or ‘parts’.  I enjoy supporting clients to access and use creative skills within sessions. 

I can work with clients in a short-term goal focussed way or open-ended long term work, regularly reviewing and monitoring progress to bring our work together to a safe ending.

The Types of Issues I Support Neurodivergent Clients With

  • Exploring neurodiversity issues (what is me and what is autism / ADHD?? Pros and cons of diagnosis) and to be able to understand past experiences through a neurodiverse lens. 
  • Coaching around managing ADHD – such as impulsivity, disorganisation, emotional regulation, burn-out; social skills education and practice; anxiety management.
  • Somatic issues – whether this is how trauma affects the body, issues of interoception, nervous system functioning and building awareness of how and where emotions are located in the body to reduce overwhelm and meltdowns.
  • Making links between past events, relationships and current issues. 
  • Advice and guidance to parents on supporting their child.
  • I also offer one-off psychoeducation sessions with partners of clients with neurodiversity to facilitate greater understanding and communication. 


Diploma in Supervision.  Leeds Centre for Psychological Development

Therapeutic Counselling – Relational Approach (Dip HE)

Psychology BSc (hons) York University

Additional CPD Specific to Neurodiversity

I undertake regular CPD activities focussing on topics such as Autism, ADHD, self-harm, working with trauma, working creatively, attachment issues, mental health, safeguarding and impact of domestic violence.

I attend a monthly peer supervision group specialising in issues relating to Autism and Neurodiversity, so I am continually updating my knowledge.

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