Rebecca Flynn


Who do I work with?
Adults, Adolescents and Children

How do I work?
Face-to-Face and Online

Where am I based?

Rebecca Flynn

About me

I specialise in supporting you to move away from negative thought processes, whether that be due to a specific situation or due to an ongoing struggle; it can be difficult to process and cope in the world. I promise to create a therapeutic space individual to you. The process will be continuously discussed and agreed upon.

I have vast experience working with young people/children with social, emotional and mental health needs; using a combination of behavioural and therapeutic techniques to support the development of coping strategies.

Previously to becoming a counsellor I worked within school settings and privately to support autistic young people. I also supported their families in better understanding and meeting the needs of their child.

Once retrained as a counsellor, the gap in neuro informed therapy became evident and so I continued building on my knowledge on how to be truly inclusive.

Ways of Working

My approach includes; Psycho education, person-centred therapy, adjusted CBT/ DBT, acceptance and commitment therapy, transactional analysis and aspects of psychodynamic therapy.

The Types of Issues I Support Neurodivergent Clients With

I offer a service that is neuro-affirming. My practice is integrative, which means the therapy will be suited to your needs, you are the expert in your own life!

I can now offer an ADHD pre-diagnostic screening using QB Test and pre-screeners. The QB Test is an objective testing system that measures three symptoms of ADHD; impulsivity, hyperactivity and motor activity. These are key indicators that help to form a diagnosis of ADHD. The QB Test is suitable for adults and children. The QB Test is not a diagnosis; only a doctor can diagnose. This sophisticated screening tool can give evidence to support the benefit of moving forward for a full diagnosis and/or offer support suggestions for home/school in the interim period.

I can also offer screeners such as a full sensory profile and a CAT-Q masking test to offer a holistic exploration. The sensory profile is accessible for ages 8 and above. Please contact me for further details.

I can support clients with;

  • Inertia and Burnout 
  • Anxiety 
  • Post Traumatic Stress 
  • Disordered Eating 
  • Gender & Identity  
  • Alexithymia
  • Co-associated conditions 

I use an adjusted, individual approach that supports a person to explore and manage;

  • Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria
  • Sensory integration
  • Harmful self beliefs
  • Emotional dysregulation.


BSc in Psychology.

Post graduate diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy; “A scoping review on how to support an autistic client in the counselling room”

Additional CPD Specific to Neurodiversity

  • ADHD in The Therapy Room – Aspire Autism Consultancy 
  • Attendance of Aspire Consultancy’s Monthly CPD Group focusing on Neurodiversity.   
  • Addiction and Mental health
  • Play Therapy – Summer course
  • Imposters Syndrome
  • CBT and Trauma

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