Tasha Walsh

Clinical Supervisor

Who do I work with?
Therapists, Wellbeing/Pastoral staff and other Helping Professions

How do I work?
Face-to-Face and Online

Where am I based?

Tasha Walsh

Please note I have no availability until June/July 2024

About me

My name is Tasha, I am an Accredited Counsellor MBACP & Clinical Supervisor. I am a mum to a son & daughter who are ADHD, it is this reason and seeing the effects in schools on CYP being misunderstood with Neurodiversity that drives my passion to work with this community but also to try and affect change to make schools safer for ND CYP and to advocate for all ND people.

I offer a safe space for Supervisees to explore their clinical practice without fear of judgement, I encourage supervisees to not only explore any difficulties but be able to bring and celebrate their successes.

I feel I offer a nice balance of psychoeducation value but also using the core conditions to help supervisees empower themselves to see their work through new lenses to enhance their clinical practice. I work in a somatic way but also from a Neurodiverse affirming way.

I work in private practice but before that spent 13 years working for Northpoint Wellbeing, 8 of those years in a cluster of schools as a therapist working with CYP & families.

I work with CYP and adults with most difficulties and I supervise Student Therapists, qualified therapists, Mental Health Practitioner, CAMHS staff, Service Managers, and staff from other Helping Professions

I specialise in therapeuticallysupporting, advocating and offering training in Neurodiversity.

Ways of Working

I offer 1:1 and group Clinical Supervision to therapists and other Helping profession roles, this can also be ad hoc Supervision sessions. I work face to face in WF3 but also online. I use a range of methods depending on the individual ranging from talking (Relational) therapy, play therapy and elements taken from other modalities over the years.


Dip HE in Therapeutic Counselling (Relational)

Certified Autplay Therapist, DDP Level 1

Level 7 PG Cert Supervision in Counselling, Psychotherapy & Helping Relationships.

Additional CPD Specific to Neurodiversity

Autplay Therapy – Certified

Best Practice when Supporting Autistic Clients – Aspire Autism Consultancy

ADHD in The Therapy Room – Aspire Autism Consultancy

Working with Neurodivergent Couples Training – Aspire Autism Consultancy

Derby University – Understanding Aspergers/Autism and ADHD

Polyvagal Workshop – Sue Campbell (Space to Grow)

Practical applications of Polyvagal Theory – Sue Campbell (Space to Grow)

Enhanced communication and PACE model – Sue Campbell (Space to Grow)

Working creatively with children – (Northpoint Wellbeing)

Attendance of Aspire Consultancy’s Monthly CPD Group focusing on Neurodiversity

Topics include:

  • Inertia and Burnout
  • Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Disordered Eating
  • Gender & Identity
  • Using Avatars in Therapy
  • Co-associated conditions

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